RGM specialises in UK sales & promotional campaigns via TV, National Newspapers, Magazines and online. We work with national brands to deliver maximum marketing for minimum budget, delivering real, quantifiable results and ROI.


Company ethos

We work really hard to deliver an exceptional end to end service to all of our clients, all of the time. Our mission is to be an indispensable service to the publishers and broadcasters we work with. We are the only agency we know that employs a full time production team solely dedicated to maintaining the smooth running of all comps and promos from start to finish.

We love living by the sea and are proud to be a Media agency based in the South West. You don’t have to move to smog filled London to enjoy a rewarding Media career. Having said that we really care about our clients and the people we work with, so each team member spends at least one day a month out and about in London, getting lost on the tube and meeting and getting to know the people at the end of the phone.

Our office is an exciting, vibrant and dynamic place to work, there’s a variety of personalities in our office and everyone feeds and bounces off each other. There’s never a dull day at RGM - you’ll be going home with a barrel full of stories and jokes to share with your family and friends. If you are lucky enough to come and work for us you can enjoy an exceptionally generous package and benefit from our training and reward programme which is open to all employees.

Life at RGM

We all know that the best learning doesn't always happen stuck in a classroom staring at four walls not really listening to the teacher rambling on, picking on the person who does not raise their hand - it happens every day, just by doing your job and trying new things out. So in a business that's growing and evolving like RGM, the opportunities to develop yourself every day are second to none.

That said, we also think it's important to get away from the usual day-to-day stuff, take a step back and improve on the skills you need to be even better at what you do. That's why everyone has regular development chats with their manager to talk about what areas they need to work on to be even better at their job and what their plans for the long game are too. We also arrange the best training days, that everyone at RGM can get involved in - ranging from team building to trips to town you’ll be learning new skills and tactics without even knowing it!

Being the new kid

Everyone was new once. So we've made being new at RGM the best 'being new' experience we can. After all, might as well start as you mean to go on. We promise we will never actually call you the “New Kid” or play pranks on you. During your weeks induction, you'll get a complete picture of how the business works by meeting everyone from RGM as well as seeing how your role fits into their role, how you can contribute and most importantly, where to go for the best grub.

Learning & Development

We take the development of our people very seriously. Partly because we know it's a reason why great people want to join and stay at RGM - to further their careers, to become a better version of themselves, and to play a part in growing a successful business. Partly because it makes sense for us to have a team of engaged, talented, high performing people at the top of their game. So learning and development is win-win all round.

Managing Your Own Development - These are optional courses designed to give you even more tips, tools and tricks on how to get the most out of your role through managing your energy and playing to your strengths as well as planning your next step - and then making it happen.

In a nutshell, our philosophy is that everyone should get something, but the people who contribute the most and put’s in the most effort should get the most back from us.

Employee Benefits

Salary: An annual pay review ensures that high performance is rewarded by increasing capacity to earn.
Commission: We have a generous, easy to follow commission scheme that could see you earn up to 20% of your salary month on month.
Day Trips: It’s not always fun and motivating to stay in the office every day, that’s why we arrange frequent day trips to get you out of the office as a team.
Social Events: We’re not just a team here at RGM, we’re all best friends, there’s a real family vibe in our office. This said, we take our employee’s and their partners out to social events, previous trips have included a Jessie J concert at the Eden project and Tim Minchin Live at Eden! - plus, we also hold the best Christmas Parties, last Christmas we did a murder mystery and all our employee’s loved it (we even started a new trend! - Selfies With “Dead” People) It’s a chance to let your hair down, party and bond more as a team.

Fancy selling promotional space for the X Factor final? Want to come up with exciting new ideas that boost our revenues? If the answer is yes, our Commercial team is the place for you. With an ever-changing marketplace and a multitude of new platforms just waiting for you to tap into, selling print, television and online promotions has never been so exciting.

We are a small team and a busy, driven atmosphere. But one that’s unfailingly friendly and inclusive. To fit in, you’ll need good brand awareness, motivation, ability to learn quickly and a keen interest in media. We’ll expect you to have a keen business mind and bags of entrepreneurial flair.

"We see more than an employee behind a desk, we see the person behind the desk and we value each and everyone one of our team, we are like a family and we work amazingly together"

- Rebecca Garrett, CEO -